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Edge’s Vision

The Logical IR Solution / Earning the trust, understanding, and support of investors

Creating logical IR solutions begins with understanding the logic underpinning the market’s (shareholders and other investors) evaluations of companies. If IR communications are developed without addressing the gap that exists between the company and the market in regard to information and expectations, then the information communicated will be of no use to investors—it will be seen simply as a distraction. Within the rapidly evolving environment related to corporate management and IR activities, it is vital that companies responsible for communicating information do not forget the importance of constant dialogue with investors, the recipients of this information.

The logical IR solution that Edge International advocates involves developing growth scenarios that the market can trust. These scenarios are based on evaluations and analyses utilizing perception studies, and take into account how investors evaluate a company and its future growth potential. While maintaining an appropriate balance between quantitative and qualitative information, these solutions weave a strategic IR vision that, based on concrete evidence, helps assure investors of the company’s future growth potential. This is the fastest path toward earning the trust, understanding, and support of investors.

Edge’s Vision (Chart)