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Edge’s Approach

Proactive IR Activities

Edge International’s logical IR solutions are developed using the following four-step process.

  1. Analyze and understand the market’s (shareholders and other investors) evaluation criteria
  2. Clarify problems and set the direction for IR communications
  3. Develop and communicate growth scenarios and IR messages
  4. Conduct follow-up surveys and feedback

The first important element of this process is to understand how investors evaluate a company and what issues they see as problems that may affect its future growth potential, and then develop growth scenarios designed to guide evaluations of the company in the proper direction. The second element is to move away from passive IR communications, which simply raise the level of information disclosure as an extension of formulaic means of disclosure, to more proactive IR communications. This requires effectively managing and developing a vision for the information to be communicated. The third is to continue the implementation of this process, constantly reassessing the company’s current course.

We analyze the financial community’s evaluation of your company.
  • How is your company perceived in capital markets?
  • What negative perceptions impact your stock price?
  • What positive expectations does the market have company?
We clarify the issues and identify the most effective IR communication program.
  • Are negative perceptions founded on reasonable assumptions?
  • What type of communication strategy will eliminate any prevailing negative factors?
  • How can positive perceptions be reinforced?
We develop and communicate your growth scenario and IR message.
  • We give your IR program direction and develop your growth scenario.
  • We design an IR message that draws investor interest.
We give feedback based on follow-up surveys.
  • We survey changes in your company’s rating in capital markets.
  • We reassess the orientation of your IR program.
  • We reflect the results in the following year’s IR program.

logical IR solutions (Chart)