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IR Communication Tools

Companies must engage in a wide variety of IR activities. Of these, Edge International primarily focuses on the area of IR communication, which is deeply connected with the concept of accountability. We are particularly proud of our work with annual reports, an area in which we have the longest experience and best track record in the industry.

Annual Reports (English / Japanese)

Boasting the guarantee that accompanies the included independent auditor’s report, annual reports are the most trusted and most highly evaluated, in terms of information, of all the documents published by a company. Therefore, these reports form the backbone of a company’s IR communication efforts. Not simply yearly reports, annual reports feature innovative concepts, construction, and design. This allows them to communicate the strengths and future value of a company in ways that systematic information disclosure tools, such as securities reports, cannot.>Details

Sustainability Reports

A company’s efforts to ensure its sustainability are an issue of great concern to its stakeholders. In order to develop a more strategic sustainability report, we work to clarify factors (environmental, social, governance, etc.) that may affect a company’s future value or management strategies.>Details

Shareholder Newsletters / Reports

Shareholder newsletters and reports have been rapidly evolving as an important IR communication tool in bridging the gap between private investors and companies. By outlining a company’s management policies, growth strategies, and business operations in an easy-to-understand manner, these documents help a company to maintain its current shareholders while acquiring new ones.>Details

Investors’ Guides / Fact Books

Investors’ guides and fact books are data-based supplements to annual reports. They offer a variety of data that assists investors in understanding the company. This data includes long-term financial indexes as well as information on industry trends, the company’s position in the industry, comparisons with competitors, composition of sales, and the company’s business model.

Company Brochures

Company brochures outline the basic details of a company, including information related to products, services, technologies, company history, and operating bases, in a visually appealing manner. The value of the information contained within these brochures can be greatly increased by developing their content and construction in a manner that helps them better supplement other IR communication tools.

English Meeting Notices and Financial Statements

It is necessary for a company to post on its website English-language editions of information disclosure tools geared toward investors, such as meeting notices and financial statements. We assist clients in offering timely disclosure by quickly preparing English-language editions of various documents for shareholders.

Presentations for Shareholders’ Meetings and Other Forums for Investors (Speeches, Materials, Etc.)

Innovative speeches and presentations are necessary in order to effectively communicate information when faced with time and space limitations. It is for this reason that Edge International offers support in drafting speeches and constructing PowerPoint presentations, as well as preparing English-language editions of these.

English-language News Releases and Press Releases

News related to management, business operations, and products is information vital to overseas shareholders and other investors. For this reason, we assist clients in offering timely disclosure by quickly preparing English-language editions of news releases and press releases on their behalf.

IR Websites

IR communications made available through the Internet are an indispensable tool in providing investors worldwide with timely, extensive, and fair disclosure. Edge International develops IR websites that are designed with a focus on their usability for shareholders and other investors.


E-books are a type of digital media that was developed for the purpose of creating books that could be viewed through the Internet in the same manner that we have always viewed physical books. They offer the readers the same experience as reading an actual book while allowing cost reductions by providing the book in a digital format rather than paper format.

Mailing Lists

We can send annual reports and other IR-related communications directly to institutional investors dealing in Japanese stocks around the world. On client request, we can create semi-custom mailing lists by limiting recipients based on such factors as the institution and region.>Details