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IR Evaluation and Advisory Services

In addition to the planning and production of IR communication tools, Edge International provides various evaluation and advisory services to assist clients in improving the quality of their IR activities and annual reports.

Evaluation and Analysis of CEO Messages

The CEO message is the section of most interest to shareholders and other investors in an annual report. It not only reflects the overall quality of the annual report, but also influences investor perceptions of the quality and reliability of the company’s management. Accordingly, it is vital that the CEO message be prepared using the utmost care and be based on a strategic methodology. To assist in this process, Edge International offers a service through which we evaluate CEO messages and propose improvements based on the Rittenhouse Method, a method for evaluating and analyzing IR communications that was developed in the United States.>Details

Perception Studies (Institutional Investor Perception Studies)

One of the services offered by Edge International is to conduct investigations, collect information, and subsequently report our findings to the client on institutional investors’ perceptions of the client company. We offer this service with the goal of helping clients better reflect the feedback (evaluations) from the market when conducting IR activities and planning their annual reports. This service is highly effective in helping clients in correcting communications that have grown overly one-sided, and in developing IR programs based on the logic underpinning the evaluations of shareholders and other investors.>Details

IR Scenario Decision Making / IR Message Creation

At Edge International, we utilize the information gathered through perception studies (institutional investor perception studies), analyst reports, and other such sources in order to set an appropriate direction for the company to follow in transmitting its message to shareholders and other investors. We also use this information to identify any issues raised by external evaluations that should be addressed. Further, we create IR scenarios to serve as a roadmap to be developed through the course of the client’s IR activities.