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Shareholder Newsletters / Reports Achievements

Case Study 1: Capturing new private investors by communicating the difficult-to-understand characteristics of the client company


Major glue and adhesive manufacturer

IR Issues

As the client was a company that primarily used a B2B business model, it had to address the IR issue of raising awareness of itself among private investors, as well as communicating the characteristics of its difficult-to-understand business. For this reason, it needed to develop the content of its shareholder newsletters in a way that not only fulfilled its role of communicating with shareholders but also worked to capture potential investors.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International moved beyond the more traditional formulaic report style, and worked to develop a document that was engaging in terms of both design and content. The newsletter that we developed maintained a balance between financial and non-financial information, and contained easy-to-understand explanations of the client’s products, technologies, and business development activities. These newsletters are published four times a year.

  1. These newsletters are published four times a year and distributed to a wide range of potential investors, including suppliers and securities companies, as well as shareholders.
  2. By including special features and essays by specialists in each issue, we developed magazine-style newsletters that are highly enjoyable to read.
  3. A president’s message for shareholders and other investors is released four times a year at the same time as the newsletter.
  4. Two-way communication is practiced by implementing periodic reader surveys.