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Annual Report Achievements

Case Study 1: Creating a convincing message portraying the goal and significance of the client’s management plan as a growth strategy


Major trading company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

IR Issues

As the client had reached a plateau on its growth track, it needed to outline the measures that it would implement in response to the management issues that it faced, a necessary step toward ensuring the continued trust of investors. At the same time, there was a need for the client to reassure investors that the direction set out in its medium- to long-term vision and business strategies should remain unchanged regardless of its rapidly changing operating environment. In this way, the client company had to explain management strategies that were based on two different time frames. As a result, this left the client with the difficult IR task of presenting, in a convincing manner, the new management plan that they had developed based on this situation. The client was also faced with the issue of properly organizing a vast amount of information into a highly accessible, informative form that would enable the report to effectively fulfill its role as an overview of the client company.

Response Plan

In response, Edge International created a scenario that assisted readers in understanding the client company by organizing the information based on two time frame perspectives and providing detailed overviews.

  1. We included a page describing the client’s previous business model and the path of its reform of its financial structure. This not only helped the reader to understand the client’s business as a trading company, but also demonstrated the client’s ability to respond to changes in its operating environment.
  2. In introducing the client’s new management plan, we started by outlining both the successes and issues with the previous management plan. We then provided an explanation of the new management plan in which the placement of the information was prioritized based on the areas of greatest interest to investors. These areas included an overview of the new management plan as well as the client’s medium- to long-term vision.
  3. Of the priority measures explained in the new management plan, the client’s financial strategies and its initiatives toward building new revenue platforms were deemed to be of particular interest to investors. For this reason, a special feature was developed in order to further explore these issues. In this way, we highlighted the client company’s steady implementation of these measures.